Sunday, August 03, 2008

Setting up your own On-Line Biz

Yesterday I posted some tips from Kim Komando on setting up an online business. Click here to read them.

I have also advised others in the basics of setting up the actual website and here are my usual guidelines.

  • Try Google Aps. It is extremely affordable and you don't have to learn code or programming. I have one site that I'm working on building right now that the only cost was $10.00 per year and that is for the domain name through GoDaddy. I was able to buy it by going through the Google Aps site.
  • Make sure everything is current. I had a client with old phone numbers and addresses and it hurt his business more than helped it.
  • Make sure it works in different browsers. 70% to 85% of the world still uses Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Apple owners have Safari as their default browser. You can download a free version for a PC. Then there's the browser I switched to a few years ago, Firefox. When I took over the VP of Communications role for the Advertising Federation of Fort Wayne this summer, I also took over the role of updating the website. I check the site in all three browsers.
  • Make sure it works period. Have someone else test your site and all the links on their computer.
  • If you need professional help and a professional designer, let me know. I know several local pros that I can recommend.

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