Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Moral Dilemma

7:30 this morning, I get ready to pull out of the garage and notice one of our two cats is limping.

He spent the night on top of my car, his usual place to sleep overnight, so he must have gotten up there himself.

Upon closer examination, I see he is not using his right rear leg. And he is snarlier than usual too.

So do I take him to the vet, or wait.

First a bit of background as to why I'm even leaving the house on a Saturday at 7:30am.

Our church and school is having a move-in day to get several truckloads of stuff back in the class room after a remodeling project, and I'm on one of the teams to unload one of the trailers.

So, how do I make sure the cat is okay (considering the vet is only open until noon) and fulfill my obligation to the church?

Answer? Go get coffee and think it over. The answer comes later.

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