Monday, July 14, 2008

Final Bit of Hot Dog News

A link to this story appeared in my email at lunch time today.

While the Three Rivers Festival was hosting the first annual Dog n' Suds/WILD 96.3 Hot Dog Eating contest
with a top prize of $500, there was another contest in South Carolina.

Our Rules were simple. 5 minutes to eat as many as you could. Top 3 winners get $$. Each of the money winners ate at least 12, the big winner gobbled 14 in 5 minutes.

The other contest in Greenwood, South Carolina rules: 12 minutes to eat as many as you could. That's more than double the time. Winner gets $100 bucks. If the winner could eat at least 20, he would get an extra $100.

Their winner only ate 16 in 12 minutes. That's only 2 more than our winner, and 4 more than our runner-ups, yet he had more than twice the time.

I guess if we pit our top contestants against theirs, we would win. What do you think?

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  1. i think i know who'd win