Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot Dog Update

As my wife gathered with friends to watch the TRF parade this morning, I was on a different mission, the first of 5 events I am taking part in, which is a record for me.

I was one of the judges for the 1st Annual Dog & Suds Hot Dog Eating contest. 5 minutes to eat up to 20 dogs and buns. Last month there were three qualifying rounds at Dog & Suds on Lima Road.

Today at noon Shannon White, Executive Director of the Three Rivers Festival along with Big Kess from one of my radio stations, WILD 96.3 hosted the final round of 14.

Here's the results (pardon any spelling errors as I try and decipher the sign in sheet):

14. Kenny Polley ate 4
13. Nick Kuhlhorst ate 5 1/2
12. Paul Kuhlhorst ate 6 1/2
11. Andrew Howard ate 7
10. Brian Dice at 7 1/2
9. Chris Zerler ate 7 3/4
7. Ben Rose ate 8 (tied for 7th)
7. Andrew Shaw also ate 8 (tied for 7th)
6. Flint Cooper Jr. ate 8 1/2
5. Dave Augenstein ate 9 1/2
4. Brandt Douglas ate 11
3. James Shook ate 12.
2. James Keller ate 12 1/8
1. Danny Lothamer ate 14 1/8 hot dogs and buns in 5 minutes!

Top three winners won cash prizes from Dog n Suds!

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