Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Political Endorsements

I don't use this blog to discuss my personal politics. But there is some interesting political stuff out there right now.

I heard Former Mayor Graham Richard in a commercial for Obama. It appears that his successor is a Clinton supporter due to his appearances with her and Bill.

Do endorsements matter to you? I think it makes more of an impact on how I feel about the endorser, not how I feel about the candidate.

Also I came across this in my email today:

Taking The Political Temperature Of Search Engine Employees
Amy Booth digs into the political sentiments of search engine employees, culling data from the Federal Election Commission (via to see which Presidential candidate drummed up the most fiscal support.

Microsoft employees spent more than $212,000 on contributions to Presidential candidates last year, with the bulk of those donations going to Hillary Clinton. With over $201,000, Google workers spent slightly less, but the bulk of their contributions went to Barack Obama's campaign. Meanwhile, Yahoos gave just about $50,000 to the candidates overall, with over half of those funds headed toward Obama.

"And although Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are fierce competitors online, their employees seem to have come to a consensus on John McCain," Booth says. "He comes in third in contributions for all three." - Read the whole story...

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