Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Not-Funnies

Friday morning may not be the time you want to be thinking about your work life, but if you want a job on Monday, then read over this list swiped from the Dumb Little Man Blog:

7 Foolish Excuses You Need to Stop Using

Posted: 24 Apr 2008 11:47 AM CDT

Written on 4/24/2008 by Alan Johnson, author of The Online Business Handbook.

Does it seem that somebody else is always responsible for your failures? Are you ever at fault? Well, guess what. Foolish excuses, pointing fingers and living in denial are temporary band-aids that will eventually come undone and cause you nothing but heartache. If you are one of the people living in denial, stop pretending to be above failure. Take a one week excursion into reality and see how quickly your brain and conscience clear of stress and guilt.

If you choose to make the trip, here are 7 of the most dangerous excuses you need to stop using. NOW!
  1. I'm Way Too Busy; the Family Will Understand!
    My friend, your family needs you and not only your paycheck! Fast forward 20 years and think about this for a second - do you really think that your children will ever say, "I'm glad mom/dad got that raise 10 years ago instead of watching me at football practice or helping me with my homework." Of course not!

  2. I Would be More Successful if My Job Weren't as Boring.
    It's not your employer's fault now, is it? Did anyone force you to make that choice? Of course not! Assume responsibility and don't be afraid to take action if you are convinced that you can change things for the better.

  3. My Team Is Holding Me Back.
    Then why not do something about it? Why not help them become better at what they're doing so that all of you can reap the rewards later on? You do realize that constantly being on the lookout for excuses isn't going to cut it, do you?

  4. My Boss Makes Bad Decisions.
    Yes, but he/she has the right to make any decisions he sees fit since, in the end, it's his or her money or reputation on the line. If you want things to change, start being your own boss, nobody is stopping you.

  5. I Don't Have Time to Stay in Shape.
    But will you have time to spend in the hospital? If that is not the case then I would recommend taking at least a few minutes each day moving your body, strenuously. Investing time now prevents years of misery later in life!

  6. Cigarettes Are Bad for Me, But I Have a Stressful Life.
    And what, are cigarettes all of a sudden the cure? This is a foolish excuse and nothing more, it's all in your mind. If you want to give up smoking, you can give up smoking, stressful lifestyle or not.

  7. Taking Risks Would Have Been Foolish.
    Guess what: if you are serious about being successful, taking calculated risks every now and then is simply a must. Yes, there are foolish risks which should be avoided but, in the end, you simply have to take your share of calculated risks at a certain point.
Living in denial is not an option and rest assured knowing that hiding behind foolish excuses will get you nowhere. Are you about to let something like that happen or are you ready to take action?

Best wishes,

Alan Johnson

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