Monday, April 07, 2008

How to Host and Post Video's

Our kids have figured out how to do it, you can too!

First of all, you can sign up for a free "Channel" on They are the ones that are actually hosting the video.

Next, there may be some editing that you need to do. When I bought my current laptop with Windows Vista, it has a program "Windows Movie Maker" which took some time to learn, but if you have done anything new with a computer program, you can learn how to do this too.

One item that I forgot when I was creating some of the videos that I have posted on YouTube, there are limits in length and/or size of each video. I had to re-edit some of the video's to comply with these limits.

To see what I've done so far, click here and you should go directly to ScLoHoVideo. on YouTube.

There's my first attempt at editing an interview of Fort Wayne Area Networkers, also an exclusive interview with Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream fame. Plus a creepy commercial for Coldwell Banker.

Have fun!

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