Friday, November 23, 2007

I want my MTV (that stands for Music TV)

I lived in Kokomo twice in my life. 1st time as a single 20 year old. Then again as a young married guy. My two oldest were born there. And this is not the Kokomo that the Beach Boys sang about in the Tom Cruise flick Cocktail.

This Kokomo is located about an hour north of Indianapolis. Besides working on the air at the local Top 40 station, I also worked at Biggs Lounge, first as a disc jockey, then as a disc and video jockey. MTV was playing Music Video's 24 hours a day. And songs by artists such as Dire Straits and the Buggles were popular:

So what's MTV up to these days?

MTV Seeks Poker Players For 'Real Life'
MTV is looking for online poker players--and others who may lead alterative lives on the Web--to star in its "True Life" series. "We're reaching out to a number of different online groups and cultures, and we thought it could be fascinating to profile someone who gambles online," says Ben Rosen, whose company,, produces the show. Rosen, who has been posting in online forums, including those dedicated to poker, adds: "the key thing we're looking for is that our subject leads a life that is very distinct/unique/interesting when juxtaposed to his or her online gambling activities." The documentary series tells the stories of young people and unusual subcultures they might inhabit. It has featured people with Tourette's syndrome, gay marriage activists and people dealing with pregnancy, debt and other issues. - Read the whole story...

I want my MTV :(

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