Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How long until we hit 2000 spam messages?

I got fed up with the poor filtering of my email and decided to filter it thru G-mail. Results have been fantastic. I started this on October 17th, 33 days ago, even though I've had a G-mail account for over three years.

I was deleting the messages the first week then decided to see how much spam I get. Any message 30 days old gets deleted automatically, and I've got until Saturday the 24th before this happens. Right now there are one thousand nine hundred and fifty one messages in the spam folder. I have only had to tell G-mail twice that a message was spam. I predict it will hit 2100 by Saturday. This is better than betting on the Dow Jones. How many do you think I'll have, or when do you think I'll hit 2000?

Wednesday morning update: As of 8:40am, there are now 2032 spam messages caught by G-mail. Add a comment to place your bets on what the total will be on Saturday.... Winners recieve, leftovers from Thanksgiving (if there are any).

Friday Afternoon Update: As of 3:40pm, the total is now 2220 spam messages caught by G-mail. I was not on the internet on Thanksgiving day, so I'm not sure when it surpassed the 2100 mark. And now we will see if it will ever hit 2500?

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