Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will They Know You Before You Die?

A week ago, Google Blogger was offline for about 24 hours so a few of the articles I had scheduled didn't appear, or they disappeared after they were published.

A few of you saw this briefly last week:

Recently I visited a link via twitter:

Here is a post written by a dying man who had been keeping a blog for 10 years who left a few words for those left behind.

This was not an old man. I've outlived him by 10 years. He was only 41. Cancer took his body and the sad part is he didn't realize that he is a soul, not a body.

He did not believe in life after death. He believed he was done... finished...over.

My beliefs and faith know better, but let me focus on what first struck me as I read his last post and the comments.

More people were getting to know him, or at least what he wrote after he was gone.

I hope that is not the direction my life or your life is heading.

I want to live by knowing people and building relationships.

Sharing ideas, challenging each other with our thoughts.

And laughter. Yes, laughter and a sense of humor is a key ingredient to my life.

What about you?

Are you up to the challenge of putting yourself out there, for others to discover, for others to learn from, for others to enjoy?

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