Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tech Tip Tuesday

A hard reset.

10 years ago, I worked for a plastics company where I learned how to run a thermoformer.

A thermoformer was used to heat up roles of plastic to prepare them for shaping into various shapes depending on the molds that were used.

When I worked there we had a combination of old and new technology and we had a variety of computers and non-computer controls working and sometimes not-working.

When things stopped working, sometimes the best solution was a hard reset.

That's where you turn off the power and wait, sometimes up to a minute and then turn the machine back on.

This is one way of cleaning out the memory that has become clogged and bogged down with too many commands.

It may work on your computer too.

There are other ways to clear memory, or reset a program, but I would still recommend letting your computer have a little down time.

If you have a laptop, unplug it and also remove the battery every once in awhile. I do this about once a month.

This is not a solution to fixing problems, but it is more of a preventative measure that may help.

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