Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Tech Tip Tuesday

Technically, this is not a technical tip. But it is possible due to technology.

I used to get slightly annoyed at my parents and their constant picture taking. When I was in my 20's and 30's it seemed like we always had to pose for pictures. I think it was the grandparent in them.

Back then, we didn't have digital cameras. We had film that you had to take somewhere and get developed. Walgreens got a lot of my mom's money back then. Of course she'd always get doubles for a dollar more per roll.

I even have pictures of me looking at pictures!

Times have changed.

All of us have a camera if we have a cellphone. And we don't have to pay to get them developed and see how they turned out.

Later this month, my daughter Tiffany and her husband Jon are going to have their first child.

I'm going to ask her to take one picture a day of Calvin and post it somewhere online.

Somewhere other than Facebook.

Imagine having a daily chronicle of your life from day 1.

Or at least once a week.

If they lived in town, I'd do it myself.

Must be getting the grandpa bug!


  1. I prepped a blog for you. You can find it at phanniejay.blogspot.com. Also, sending a daily text about taking a pic once he's here wouldn't hurt, since I'm sure I'm going to forget after the first little bit. Incidentally, why are you against Facebook for this project?

  2. Wow, This will be a cool project.

    Make it a routine as normal as brushing your teeth daily.

    Why not Facebook?

    I Don't trust Facebook. They keep changing privacy settings and using peoples likes and stuff in advertising. I prefer Googles Blogger as a home for a personal site, and then send updates to Facebook. It's what I do.