Sunday, May 29, 2011

From First Photo to First Dance

This Memorial Day weekend has been a memory maker for our family.

The first part you can read about here, including the comment for an update:

Earlier in the week I mentioned on Twitter that we should have someone Tweet the Wedding.

Rachael invited a table full of some of her Twitter Friends, (That's usually people that you first meet on Twitter, who become face to face friends too), to the wedding and we nominated Christie to be the official Wedding Tweeper complete with the hashtag #GGWed !

I can see it now, you have a best man, maid of honor, caterer, and now an official Tweeper for your wedding with your own hashtag, so you can read it later!

And the significance of #GGWed?

My daughter Rachael, goes by the Twitter name @GreenGlassHero and her husband is not on Twitter. So we shortened GreenGlass to GG and that made it short enough that others could still have room to Tweet.

So, Christie's Tweeps were mostly pictures which I'll share in a second.

I was not about to Twitter during the wedding, despite my Twitter-holic nature!

In a few hours, I'll be heading to Indianapolis to visit my daughter Tiffany who was supposed to be in the wedding, but decided to give birth to my first grandson Calvin and turn Tiff and her husband Jon from parents-to-be to simply parents! (Welcome to the club!)

Perhaps Tiff got to see the updates as they were going on via the Twitter updates from her hospital room. She was missed by all of us, but I am relieved that both of my daughters have survived May 28th, 2011 with all of the blessings of marriage and a growing family.

Now, a few pictures...

The walk down the stairway was so easy the night before when I was wearing comfortable shoes, but this was the walk of death for my feet. I decided to Man-Up and walk with a smile as a proud parent down the stairs with my daughter Rachael on my arm, with only minutes left to her being a single lady.

The ceremony on the steps in the museum with Rachael and Brandon preparing to exchange vows, rings and later their first dance as Mr. & Mrs.

One of the shots of the reception. Rachael is visible at the head table, and also included in this shot are my son Josh in the blue/purple shirt on the left, and step daughter Abby in the red dress on the right. Sitting in the white shirt next to Abby is her fiance Jeff. Their wedding date is August 13, 2011.

And this is Christie who recorded the wedding with these pictures and Twitter updates.

The weekend and the month continues....

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