Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Photo

Yes, it has been one busy month, and even a very busy 24 hours.

7pm tonight is the wedding of my oldest daughter, Rachael to Brandon.

Yesterday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner which included among others:

Rachael's brother Josh and his wife Madeline, and her sister Tiffany and husband Jon along with the yet to be born, 5 days overdue, Calvin.

Jon & Tiff were spending the weekend at our house for the wedding when at 12:45 in the night, Tiff's water broke, and they headed back to Indy.

7 hours later, Calvin made his appearance, just before 8am:

The weekend, and month continues.....

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  1. The noon hour today was filled with delicious treats at our house prepared by my step-daughter Abby.

    This was one of the gifts that she gave Rachael today for her a small brunch for the bridesmaids and their husbands and as the Dad, I by default got to enjoy too.

    Abby & her fiance Jeff prepared and hosted, Rachael & Brandon, who are getting married tonight enjoyed as did Jessie and her husband Marc. Jess is one of the brides maids and it looks like the only one due to Tiffany being 150 miles away in a hospital as a new Mom.

    Suddenly it became very quiet. As the women are doing those pre-bridal things, Jeff and Abby are visiting Abby's Dad and his family because Sunday, they are moving to Nebraska!

    And the weekend and month continues...