Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whoop Dee Do!

Former Fort Wayne native Amy Stark now lives in Indianapolis and last year kicked off the Indiana Social Media Summit SMackdown event last year.

There were a couple of us from Fort Wayne that were nominated and we attended the Social Media Meet Up at Scotty's Brewhouse in Indianapolis.

I met a few folks that I had only known via Twitter and ran into a former co-worker of mine, Paul Poteet. Paul and I worked a lifetime ago on the air at WMEE.

Anyway, now it's nearly the end of 2010, and Indiana's 2nd Annual Social Media Summit is coming up next week. And instead of asking everyone to head to Indy, there are several "satellite locations" including Fort Wayne.

Right now we need your help with the voting. If you are on Facebook then, go here and place your votes:
There is a tab titled VOTE NOW! That's where you vote.

Someone nominated me again this year in the 2nd category listed: Most INfluential Social Media Dude. Thanks to whom ever submitted my name.

I'm listed under my given name: Scott Howard

Please take a look, vote for those you feel deserve to win.

After you vote, click on the tab #IN SM to get details on the gatherings that are being held simultaneously in Indiana on Thursday, December 30th, 2010.

I'll be at the Fort Wayne location, come out and join us!

When: Dec. 30, 2010, noon-2 pm or later

Where: Baker Street Restaurant
4820 N. Clinton Street, Fort Wayne


Scan this QR code for a map

Use the hashtag #IN_SM10 on Twitter!

Contact Kevin Mullett for info about the Fort Wayne event.
@kmullett on twitter

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