Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tech Tuesday Tip

This tip may only apply to a small percentage of you, but it was really bugging me and then I found out others were having the same problem with email.

I use my laptop for everything. Business, pleasure, side business, everything!

I work for a group of radio stations in Fort Wayne, Indiana that has a domain, servers and all the regular stuff that I really don't try and understand the technical side of. So please forgive me, (and correct me too) if I don't quite use the proper terms.

Most of us read our Radio Station Email by using Microsoft Outlook.

Last year we switched our company wireless to a Verizon FIOS connection instead of Comcast.

Many people in Fort Wayne switched their internet connections to Verizon at home and work last year.

But I discovered a problem with our email service and Verizon FIOS. Whenever I have my laptop at a coffee shop, or place of business that has Verizon FIOS, I can receive my new emails, but I can't send them.

As a work-around, I have my SummitCityradio.com email forwarded to a Gmail account automatically, and there is free service that you can log onto http://mail2web.com/ that allows you to check for and respond to emails that are still on the server.

But this is a pain and not a real solution.

Yesterday I found a solution. It was right on the Verizon website:

Your Attention Needed: Re-configure Your Email Settings to Send Email

If you are having trouble sending or receiving email using your email software (Windows Vista Mail, Outlook, or Outlook Express), you might try switching your outbound port to 587.

Most common email viruses are sent using port 25 to infect computers. Often times the user never knows their computer has been infected. In order to protect our customers, Verizon has turned off the ability to send email using port 25 for all users other than those using a @verizon.net email address.

If you want immediate step-by-step instructions, visit change my port settings to 587 now.

Go here for the Verizon web page: http://www22.verizon.com/residentialhelp/highspeed/general+support/top+questions/questionsone/124274.htm

I forwarded this info to our business manager who is looking into this so perhaps we can get this problem solved once and for all!

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