Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mom's Day Plans

For centuries, guys have been trying to figure out what women want.

With Mother's Day next Sunday, here's a clue:

Lifestyles and Leisure: What does Mom want for Mother's Day?


Why not treat Mom to dinner "out" for Mother's Day? According to The Media Audit's National Report, women with children of any age living at home are 13% less likely than the typical U.S. adult to frequently eat out at a full service restaurant. Thus a night "out" of no cooking and no dirty dishes might be a welcome proposition, especially considering that 41.3% are managing motherhood with full time jobs as well.

How about buying her an electronic gadget? According to the same study, one in five moms plan on purchasing an MP3 player or iPod in the next year. With nearly 28% who work out regularly at a health club, a portable music player might be appreciated by Mom. Furthermore, 15% of moms intend on buying video equipment such as a video camera, VCR or DVD player.

The national study also reveals that Mom might appreciate a good book and/or a bottle of wine. According to the report, 11.7% of moms frequently consume wine, a figure that is 5% higher when compared to all U.S. adults, and 37.3% have purchased twelve or more books from a bookstore in the past year, a figure that is 8% higher when compared to the typical adult.

When it comes to sports, Mom is first and foremost a football fan over any other major sport. According to the study, 50.9% of U.S. moms regularly follow a professional football team on TV or radio. However, when it comes to her typical weekday TV enjoyment, Mom is more likely to be viewing HGTV, Bravo, Oxygen and Lifetime Movie Network when compared to the typical U.S. adult.

Mom may also appreciate a night out at the movies, or a few new DVD's. Among moms, 46.6% frequently rent or buy movies, while 39.1% frequently view movies at the theatre. Surveys were conducted in 80+ U.S. markets.

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