Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Wonder of Children & Parents

My wife and I usually attend church on Saturday evening. It fits in our schedule and I like the contemporary worship style. There are lots of kids there. One of the largest sources for new members is the school that is part of our church. Kathy and I have been members for nearly 8 years.

Recently I've been thinking about how amazed I am at kids and their parents. I have 3 and am the step-dad to 2 more. 4 out of 5 have been under my care.

Our oldest is Ian who moved out before Kathy and I were married. Next is my oldest Rachael who is getting married in 2011. Her younger brother Josh is getting married later this year. Their little sister Tiff married almost 4 years ago. And Abby has another year of college and then wedding plans will be coming.

We already have the next generation around as Ian has two sons and we spend time with them regularly.

But what is the "Wonder" of all this?

When we are in the midst of all of the growing up years, first as a child, then as a parent, we are too close to capture all the special moments. At 50, I only have vague memories of learning how to ride a bike or swim.

Then as a parent, one moment we are taking our kids to the zoo, then moments later we are attending their graduations it seems.

I used to get annoyed at all the picture taking that members of my family would take. I thought it was excessive. Heck I have a picture of my wife and I looking at pictures while my mom was snapping another one!

My advice: Cherish the moments as parents. Enjoy all stages of life. Dream with your kids & grandkids. And dream with your parents and grandparents too!

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