Monday, February 08, 2010

Are You Movin & Shakin?

I've had some on going conversations with a couple of good friends about a distinct difference between us and others that we know.

And I've tried to come up with some common traits, but I find contradictions in the standard labels we often use.

There are certain people who simply do not take responsibility for themselves. Instead they try and "work the system".

The system might be government hand outs, welfare, unemployment, medicaid/medicare, etc.

The system might be homeless shelters, rescue missions, soup kitchens, etc.

The system might be a church or ministry but instead of giving, all you do is take.

The system may be disguised as a job where you put in your time, but you don't put in your real effort and heart.

These people do not understand that the world is not there to serve them, we are to serve the world.

Yet when I see people who are working the system simply for what they can get without giving back, it is irritating.

Most of the systems I mentioned are in place to help people temporarily until they get back on track are becoming "lifestyle systems".

Each one of us has so much potential, even those that have accomplished a lot, have tremendous potential for even more.

But all around me, I often see wasted lives, people who drink too much, party too much, spend too much, work too little, look for work too little, etc.

You need to stop where you are now and...

Stop the destructive behaviors now.

Stop playing Farmville and MafiaWars on Facebook for hours on end.

Stop watching hours and hours of stupid tv every day or night.

Start thinking better of yourself.

Start giving of yourself. Not just money but time too.

Become a Mover and Shaker in your world.

This is not limited to any particular political persuasion. I know Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans and everything in between who are Movin & Shakin.

I know Atheists, Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, and others that are Movin' & Shakin'.

Pessimists, Optimists, Rich, Poor, it does not matter. I've seen it all, from all walks of life.

It's not easy. There are times when I feel lazy, so I may take a break. It could be an hour, or a day. But if you really love what you do, you want to continue your life mission.

Perhaps that is what this is about, a life mission. It might change as the years go by. Mine has.

But no matter what I did with my life, I have been driven toward a goal bigger than my next meal, bigger than just my selfish wants.

Will you join with me and start Movin' and Shakin?

The world needs us, our neighbors need us, our families need us.

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