Sunday, November 29, 2009

Every Day

you and I have a choice.

A choice of attitude.

A choice of actions.

A choice of inactions.

And each new day, each hour, every minute, every moment, we are making choices.

This past week, was filled with some unexpected decisions to make. Starting Wednesday morning at 3am when I heard my wife rush to the bathroom.

In the middle of the night I decided to myself that I would make our families Thanksgiving dinner. So when my wife called me later in the day, apologizing for being sick, I told her no problem, I'd do the cooking this year.

I used her recipes, which she shared with me that evening while she was fighting a fever. And as I put together the various dishes, I decided it was fun.

The next day, Kathy was feeling better, but we kept her away from any food prep. My son and his girlfriend came in the morning and "Mad" helped prepare the pomegranate cranberry sauce.

Then later when I needed a third hand, my daughter Rachael finished the potatoes and gravy, as I carved the bird. All in all, it was a wonderful gathering of family and blessings.

Friday, Kathy and I went out to see the movie, The Blind Side. Through out the film, you see choices being made and the outcomes.

Saturday, the recently engaged daughter organized a dinner with the parents, and for some reason she was nervous. I'm not sure why, it was low key at a local restaurant with 3 sets of parents and baskets of burgers.

Sunday, I had lunch with a friend and he shared how the elevator in his building was out of order again. As he was muttering to himself as he was climbing 4 flights of stairs, he was met by an elderly couple who lived on the 6th or 7th floor.

This elderly couple were helping each other down the stairs one step at a time with some difficulty. In the meantime, my friend Ron who turned 68 this month was humbled and thankful for his health.

See, like I said at the begining, you and I have a choice to make, all the time. If your life is not going the way you want, make some changes.

First, change your attitude.

Then change your actions.

Finally, you will change your circumstances.

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