Friday, January 30, 2009

Car Buying

A friend of mine wrote this recently on his blog:

How to sell a car today

Posted: 29 Jan 2009 08:50 AM CST

Radio is probably one of the biggest winners for auto advertising (at least it is in my market)...but that's beside the point...I've been noticing recently a lot of different tactics to get people in the door to sell them a car.

Thus far I've heard (and my commentary):

We'll pay half your payments for the first six months - ok, not a bad offer. Something I could expect to come from a car dealer. Nothing really weird about it...

We'll give you a small pathetic car for free when you buy a big expensive POS - really? You're going to do a Buy One Get One Free deal? REALLY?! Are you that well off in those crap cars? Or do you just want to get them off your lot?

We'll give you 0% interest - Good deal. Nothing weird...except the way they butchered that song.

If you lose your job, we'll take the car back no questions - I've got a better give me a job and I'll keep the car!

We'll give you the recession discount - you don't pay for your car until the recession is over (up to one year) - Wow. So how much extra in interest am I going to pay after not keeping up on payments after a year? Three times the amount the car is worth? Really?! Well, here's my kidney, take that too and see what you can get for it.

Makes me want to buy a car! I'm still waiting to see coupons come through in the Sunday Paper.

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