Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tonights Video: Bragging on my Brother In Law

My wife has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Danny, the oldest and Patty the youngest live in the "Region". That's short for Northwest Indiana.

Sister Jane lives in Illinois. Brother Mike and Sister Maryann live in Fort Wayne and Brother Tim is in Indianapolis.

As we wonder when the power company will come down our street and turn things back on, I took some time this morning to head to the Firefly and check email and hang some place warm with friends.

Maybe be the time this posting appears around 6pm Sunday, we'll have power back on at our home.

Tonight, instead of posting the video, I am posting the link. Tim Luncsford is the creative genius behind this short clip. The original print won a contest recently in Indianapolis. After you watch the clip, check out some of his other work too. Here's the clip, make sure you have the sound cranked up too!

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  1. Power is on and we're hosting 8 family members with no power!