Sunday, December 28, 2008

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A great email from the Art of Manliness blog arrived in my email with a few good links for you to click on:

The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Getting Our Lives In Order Edition

Posted: 27 Dec 2008 01:22 PM CST

Kate and I had a wonderful Christmas, which we spent with both of our families. Santa must have read our Holiday Gift Guide as I received several manly presents including a Case pocketknife, a shoeshine kit, and some hankies. But my favorite gift actually came on my birthday, which falls two days before Christmas. Kate surprised me with one strikingly handsome fedora from the Brothers Hat Shop here in Tulsa. Sweet.

Now we have to make room for our new loot, so yesterday Kate and I spent all day cleaning and organizing. It feels good to clean out the clutter. We’re still not done. We’ll be going through our clothes and donating the stuff we don’t wear anymore to Goodwill. We’re also catching up on things that got pushed to the side during the semester. Our goal is to have everything done and in order by the new year. Anybody else using the holiday break to get their lives in order?

Time for some links.

Hard Times, a Helping Hand If you read only one of these links, let it be this one. This article about a man who gave anonymously to those in need during the Great Depression got me a little choked up. I hope I can leave as inspiring a legacy to my grandkids as he did to his.

Free eBook: Thriving on Less (@ the power of less) Speaking of getting our lives in order, Leo Babutua, author of the blog Zen Habits, has put out a free eBook called Thriving on Less. It’s a small companion book to his newly published book, The Power of Less. Check it out. It’s full of useful advice.

Stuff in My Beard There’s something majestic about a beard. It’s hard to explain. Stuff in my Beard is dedicated to examining the implications of the beard’s enchantment. Very fun site.

Why Clint Eastwood Thinks America is Full of Babies (@ ny daily news) Movie tough guy Clint Eastwood said in an interview with Esquire that America has gone soft. The reason? People started asking about the meaning of life and psychoanalyzing everything.

Farkas Eye Black If you have a son that plays sports or if you’re a weekend warrior, you might trying using some eye black to reduce the glare from the sun or lights. Farkas Eye Black has old school style, works better than those crappy stickers, and is owned by the grandson of the football player who first used eye black in 1942, Andy Farkas.

The H.O. Studley Tool Chest (@ fine wood working) This tool chest is bad-a. It was created by a Massachusetts piano maker named H.O. Studley. It took him more than 80 years to refine the chest to its current form of awesomeness. The site has some images you can download for your desktop background. (Hat tip to AoM reader Randy Helm)

Love the Past It’s a new website dedicated to showcasing vintage art, advertising, and propaganda. Pretty cool stuff.

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