Sunday, November 09, 2008

Links to a better job

Yesterday I was cleaning out my emails and found two that seemed to fit together. Kim Komando has a Cool Site of the day email she sends out, and Saturday she featured a job search website that I have recomended to others in the past.

Now before you apply, you should have a resume. That's where the second email might come in handy. I have not checked out the info in the 2nd email from Cnet Download yet, but you can and let us know if you found it helpful.

Now, here's the details:

Today's Cool Site...

Search thousands of job boards

Many of my listeners have been hit hard by the financial crisis. My inbox is filled everyday with requests for help.

Most who write in want to make money from home. They want to supplement their income by selling on eBay. Or, they want to get into microstock photography.

These are great ways to make some extra cash. But they're not for everyone. Some people would rather pick up a second job. Or, those who have been laid off need a job, period.

If you fall into the latter camp, head over to Indeed. This site crawls thousands of job boards. Then, it presents the results in an easy-to-use index.

All you need do is enter your search term and ZIP code. You'll get a list of matching results.

You'll likely find hundreds of results for a given search. Indeed makes it easy to narrow down these results.

You can make refinements by selecting a salary range. Or, select a job title or company. To apply for a position, just click through to the listing site.

Now is the perfect time to look for a second job. Many businesses are hiring seasonal help to assist with the holiday rush!


And here's the resume details:

Create a professional resume
Recent unfortunate developments in the global economy have sent shockwaves through industries and companies around the world. Whether or not the economic downturn has hurt your employer or your job, it's a good time to take a look at your
professional resume and update it or polish it as necessary. This week, we've got help for your resume work with a collection of five apps designed to make the whole process painless. As a bonus, our weekly Webware pick, Resumizer, lets you create a resume online for free. Happy downloading! Visit

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