Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Man of Many Hats

Each of us have many elements to our lives, and here are some of mine in no particular order:
  • Husband
  • Dad
  • Step-Dad
  • Step- grandfather (That's hard to imagine!)
  • Etc...
The Etc includes work related activities and titles, volunteer activities, faith and political related and so on.

One of the hats I recently put on was the Vice-President of the Fort Wayne Advertising Federation. There has been discussion recently on some of the Fort Wayne Blogs regarding use of copy written material including photos.

Turns out that the AdFed is working on a presentation regarding the legal dos and don'ts of such stuff and we should have a guest speaker lined up that specializes on this subject.

The date will be September 18th, location yet to be finalized, time is lunchtime 11:30-1pm. As soon as I have details including cost, I'll post it. If you want to be put on the mailing list, write to me at ScLoHo@ScLoHo.net

And if you are interested in advertising, marketing, and media, visit my other blog, which is updated 3 times daily.

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