Thursday, June 05, 2008

What's up with my former Boss?

Well, let me clarify who I am talking about.

Kristine Foate was the head of Summit City Radio at one time and last month she took over as the head honcho at the Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce.

After Kris left, Lloyd Roach took over for about 11 months. Lloyd was the one that brought back ROCK 104:

Lloyd went back to his home in Pennsylvania about a year ago and here's what he is up to today:

Lloyd Roach debuts “”, billing it as “the region’s first all-local Internet radio station.” For Lloyd, the region is the scenic area west and south of Philadelphia (Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania and New Castle County, Delaware). The lineup sounds just like the over-the-air stations Lloyd’s run and owned all his life: local news every half-hour (including cultural news) from a staff of reporters who cover the local municipal meetings. A live public affairs show. And what Lloyd calls a combination of “the classics and musical standards directed at the above-average income listener of the Brandywine Valley.” Radio veteran Doug Stirling is the station manager of the ad-supported, which Roach says is “all local and free.”

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