Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's (and Mother's) Day Revisited

I wrote this 4 years ago on an old blog that is now gone. I echo it today. And yes those are my parents with their grandkids.

Mothers Day and Fathers Day have different meanings when your parents have died. I know that there were times when my parents annoyed the crap out of me and I wished they would leave me alone.

But I always was grateful for having them around. When there is no one else, there is always your Dad (or Mom).

My Dad taught me to be a gentleman and My Mom taught me the proper way to handle certain etiquettes.

Thanks to my Dad for reminding me how important Mothers Day was to my Mom and the reverse...
One thing I want to pass on is that even when we don't personally feel like doing something for someone else, it is an act of love to do it anyway if it is important to the other person. (Yes, there are boundaries, but you know what I'm trying to express.)

So for all my friends who are taking care of aging parents, realize the blessing, not just the burden.

To the Kids who were like me, go out of your way to make a loving gesture that comes either from your heart, or out of respect, or hopefully both.

Happy Dad's Day Y'all

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