Friday, May 16, 2008

Time for some more Shameless Promotion

I need to brag. Not about me, but something that I'm connected to.

Nearly a year ago, I added another job title to my responsibilities at the radio stations I work for.

I even have a business card with this title on it, along with other cards that I use depending on which hat I'm wearing. That title is:

"Director of Long Form Programming" for WGL -AM/FM.

What it means is I get to be in charge of the programming on that radio station that is longer than a commercial, and different from the regular music programming we play on that station.

Specifically, I oversee the line up of Sports, Farm and Talk Shows that we have added to the station.

And today I want to brag about what I believe is some of the best stuff to listen to on Saturday mornings. Ever since my days of working in Detroit, I have been a talk radio fan.

Ricky Kemery is the host of the WGL Garden Show Saturday Mornings from 7 to 8am. Nobody in this town can come close to the knowledge and personality that Ricky has when it comes to lawn and garden stuff.

Ricky Kemery is the Allen County Horticulture Educator with the Purdue Cooperative Extension service. Ricky graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Landscape Horticulture and Design. He obtained his M.S. in Ornamental Horticulture from Purdue in 1995. Ricky develops education programs and provides research-based information about Horticulture to area citizens in a wide variety of ways, and also is responsible for helping the commercial horticulture industry in the Ft. Wayne area.

As the "Plant Medic" Ricky (with the help of Master Gardener volunteers) answers over 5,000 gardening phone calls yearly from citizens in the area. In addition, Ricky also helps citizens by diagnosing insect and disease problems for over 1,000 samples of trees, flowers and shrubs at the Extension office. Click Here for more.

Then at 8am, we have Your Business Matters, hosted by local Business owner and attorney Bob Nicholson. Bob has been able to get some of the most fascinating guests and get them to open up with their stories and struggles. Usually his guests are from this area, but earlier this year he was able to score an interview with Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream fame which you can listen to by clicking here.

At 9am, we have local businessman turned Realtor, Paul Saalfield hosting the WGL Real Estate Show. Years ago Paul did a radio show on photography as the owner of Stellhorn One Hour Photo, and each week he shares valuable tips and information.

Right after Paul, at 10am, we have Elder Law Attorney Otto Bonahoom hosting the Elder Hour. When I returned to WGL 5 years ago, Otto was just wrapping up a multi year run of hosting the Elder Hour exclusively on our radio station and with a little persuasion, he is back each week with a lively discussion on issues related to the Elderly.

Then our newest star on the radio is Julia Anders who with her husband Matt own Comfort Keepers. It's nice to have a female perspective after all the guys are done talking and each week Julia has a fresh topic on her show we call Heart to Heart every Saturday from 11am until noon.

Finally, kudos to Shannon McNett-Silcox, who took over the hosting duties for the Chamber Show when Phil Laux retired from the Fort Wayne Chamber Presidency. The Chamber Show features an insightful interview with a different member of the local business community that is also a member of the Chamber and airs from noon to 12:30 Saturdays.

Everyone of these shows are hosted by radio amateurs who are true professionals in their own right. All of them, with the exception of Ricky, Paul and Otto have been doing this for only a year or less and everyone of them have overcome that stage fright that hits you when the show begins for the first time and you realize that for the next 45 minutes, You Are On The Air!

Check them out this weekend, and every weekend. Call in with your comments and questions.

The phone number is 260-969-1250. WGL AM is 1250am in Fort Wayne, Indiana. WGL-FM is at 102.9 fm in Huntington, Indiana. And you can always listen on-line at

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