Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Junk Food Alley

Before you know it, it will be Festival Season in the city of three muddy rivers, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

And the Mother of all the Festivals is our 10 day extravaganza in July we call the Three Rivers Festival.

40 years old this year and with an up and down history, 3RF is now in the hands of Shannon White and his staff along with hordes of volunteers.

I recall when the main area for activity was the block long stretch of Columbia Street known as the Landing. Today 3RF is scattered all over town, with the main focus downtown at Headwaters Park.

Right next to the Headwaters, is the (Junk) Food Alley where you can get deep fried Oreo's and other tasty heart stopping treats. (Sorry Shannon.)

Well, in line with the usual line up, I found another treat for the Food Alley:

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  1. For some reason chocolate covered bacon sounds ... good. Not as good as deep fried Oreos, but good nonetheless.