Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Musical Martini

Imagine sitting in your favorite night spot, sipping a Buttery Crown, while your lady is caressing her Peach Martini, and off in the corner is a jazz trio that is playing Jazzed Up versions of familiar tunes.

Not Jazzed up Rap/Hip-Hop.

Not Jazzed up Country Rock.

Not Jazzed up Soft Rock from the 70's.

Not even Jazzed up 50's and 60's tunes.

How about Jazzed up Classical tunes?

John Stebbe has done it again with a collection of tunes that barely fit on his latest C.D.

John and I met about 35 years ago, (this picture also features our friend Steve Weber, another accomplished musician), and for the last several years, John has lived, worked, and performed in Indianapolis.

Last year his trio was invited to perform for patrons of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. I could go on and one, but instead, I'll invite you to go directly to John Stebbe's web site and read and listen and if you like what you hear, you can get your very own copy of his music like I have.

And you can listen in the privacy of your office with the lights down low and pretend you're sitting in a smoky bar waiting for Bogey and his lady to come strolling in. Or where ever the music takes you.

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