Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Relaxing

Our First extended trip away together since, well, this is the first one of this length. 7 days and 6 nights on the road. The Springview Bed and Breakfast was our first stop Tuesday in Goshen Indiana.

We made a stop for dinner at the South Side Diner that was featured on the food channel. I'd give it about a 4, Kathy about a 2 or 3.

We hit the road and drove west forever (so it seemed). Coffee drinkers have to make multiple pit stops we discovered. Finally arrived at the Hampton Inn in Munster Indiana, which was a great place. They had a free Mexican fiesta dinner for the guests last night, which I was skeptical of, but it was great.

Between check-in and dinner we went to an Italian coffee house, cafe and then a place called Vino-Tini, (a combination Martini Bar and Wine Bar) and played name the dead movie star as we looked at the framed art on the walls.

Before we finished up at the Hampton, we made a stop to the Munster War Memorial. We were here a few years ago when they were dedicating the portion for the World War 2 Vets. Kathy's dad, (Oscar) Jack Luncsford served in WWII and there is a brick in his honor there.

Today's breakfast at the Hampton was mixed. The waffles tasted like cotton. At least the first bite, cause that's all we could attempt.

We then took a trek that we had never done before, and that was a trip to Libertyville, Illinois, where Kathy's sister Jane lives.

The sisters both outdid each other with gifts, cake and a delicious lunch. (Today is Kathy's Birthday, and Jane's is March 31st.) Jane and Tom have a wonderful home and I'm great full we finally got to see the place Jane calls home.

Friday we take the train to Chicago for a day trip to the Windy City. But for now, We Are Relaxing.............

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