Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday evening reflections

Wow, the Holidays are finally over. It's almost one long 2 1/2 month blur of activity going back to Halloween followed by Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas, and New Years. Add to that college break for Abby from Purdue and Josh and Madeline from COA and we have had lots of activity. On Monday, life will settle down a bit with work in full swing, most of the folks I need to contact are finally done with their holiday plans and we get to move forward in 2008.

Typically due to my wife's work schedule, our church preferences and my own mental state, by the time 5pm Friday hits we are ready for the weekend. That includes doing nothing work related until Sunday when Kathy works and I begin preparing for my week ahead.

This weekend was different. I had a "Meat Remote" with ROCK 104 and Doc West yesterday at Kroger for a couple hours. Had a great time, and was inspired to pick up some rib-eyes and fixed one for dinner tonight. A very delicious, simple meal that took 15 minutes to prepare. Ask for details if you want them.

Last night we watched most of the debates that were on ABC and will be rebroadcast on CNN tonight. Today I spent most of the day watching CNN and the other news outlets to see how the election coverage is shaking out and now that it's nearly 6pm, it's time to prep for work.

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