Friday, December 07, 2007

Act your Age!

November and December are two months filled with birthdays of friends and family. I'm not here to slight anyone born in the other 10 months, but December hits home with me. Amoung those born in November were my Dad on the 3rd and my son on the 15th. This month I have a co-worker Rod on the 9th, cousin Brenda and 1st wife Karen on the 10th (same year too!) an old girlfriend I think was also born on the 10th, but don't hold me to that. Mine is the 11th. My former mother in law was born on Christmas and I have a brother in law born on the 24th or 25th too.

My wife and I were talking about Baby Boomers that want to hang on to their youth and are offended by being called sir, or ma'am. Yet, while we may not feel (or admit to feeling) old enough to be called by those names by the younger generation, we need to relax and appreciate the respect that usually comes with those titles.

Don't expect your teenage daughter's friend to call you Tommy; you are Mr. Jackson. And you've earned it!

On the other hand, when I was asked if I qualified for the senior citizen discount yesterday, the thought of added back a little color in to my hair raced through my mind.

Happy Birthday one and all! Remember it's better than the alternative!

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