Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are You Making a Difference?

First of all, you are.

Unless you have absolutely no friends, relatives, communication with anyone what so ever, you are making a difference.

I define difference as influence.

You are either a positive, negative or neutral influence.

Truth be told, no one is really a neutral influence.

Last evening I was invited to a working, brainstorming dinner with "101 Connectors".

While all the details are not important at this moment, towards the end of our meeting, I realized that we were a small handful of people who connect, influence, and make a difference .

Your words, your actions, your appearance, your attitude, your willingness to give and to take are all being observed.

Not by big brother, but by strangers whom you may never meet face to face.

You have the power to (be):









Change a life

Save a life

These items and the dozens more I could list do not require money, lots of time, or anything more that what you currently have.

It's a challenge to you and to me to take an additional step out of our comfort zone, open our eyes a little more, listen a bit louder, and make a conscientious decision to make a difference.

Join me, won't you?

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