Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've been giving some thought to reorganizing my social media life and face to face life.

For the past few years, I've been blogging on several sites and altogether 46 blog posts each week to write and or edit is a bunch.

The other side of it is a bit of a challenge that I've been thinking about.

The ScLoHo personal brand was originally built on a whim.

ScLoHo started as an email address, then I expanded it to an online idenity and then as a brand name.

It's origins are innocent... Scott Howard was too common a name for email or search, and I figured that a one name persona would be sort of cool.

In the music business there is only one:

  1. Frank (Sinatra)
  2. Diddy (Sean Combs)
  3. Madonna
  4. Prince
  5. etc......

And making up a name like Google or Yahoo! could work, considering ScLoHo was tied to my name as the first two letters of my first, middle, and last names.

And once you learned how, ScLoHo is pronounceable.

As I read this it almost sounds very egotistical, believe me, it's not. I am quite humbled by all of this and surprised as to how it has all developed.

The last couple of pieces to this puzzle came when my son created the above portrait for my 50th birthday party, (out of paper); my wife started calling me ScLoHo in casual conversation, and people who followed me on Twitter would refer to me as ScLoHo face to face.

So why change?

I'm not going to abandon ScLoHo, but the idea is to create enough "buzz", "klout", or whatever words you want to use, that my given name, Scott Howard becomes associated with ScLoHo online as well as face to face.

This reinventing is an interesting experiment in marketing, branding, social media and relationships.

Last week I bought another domain name which will serve as a hub, and we'll see how all of this goes.

I don't expect anything to happen quickly, but we are laying the ground work for an interesting future.

And for those of you who keep asking me, should I call you Scott or ScLoHo, either is fine, it's my pleasure to know you.

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