Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 21 Day Difference

I don't recall where I first read it, but the theory is that if you can make a change and stick with it for 21 days, odds are in your favor that you have won and created a new habit.

What can you do for 21 days in a row?

What have you been wanting to change in your life?

What if you made a list of 17 things, and every 21 days you added another change?

Why 17? Simply math... 17 x 21 = 357 days. You can make 17 different changes in the next 12 months with a few days off.

I'm off to work on my list and get started.


  1. Working with my sales coach adding journaling back into my daily routine. The program is three weeks long. now I know why

  2. I've discovered that in my life the things I don't follow thru on for 21 days, didn't become life=changers.

    But the opposite was true.