Monday, June 27, 2011

Fort Wayne Site of the Day

This is the last week of Media Monday. The past 6 months I have featured most of the media outlets that have had a website as my Fort Wayne site of the day.

Today's site is also a salute to my former employer for the past 8+ years.

The four radio stations broadcasting from their studios on Lower Huntington Road, are in my opinion, some of the very best to work for. That is why I stayed thru various changes.

When I was hired by Karen Travis in April 2003, I had a background in radio both on the air and in sales, but wasn't doing anything in the business except some free lance commercial voice work.

I have worked on the air at several radio stations in the area, including some that are no longer on the air in the same format. The list, starting in my high school days includes:

WLHI 88.3 FM
WCMX 101.7 FM
WFWR 1090 AM
WMEE 97.3 FM
W??? 106.3 FM
WBTU 93.3 FM
WFWI 92.3 FM
WGL 1250 AM
WAJI 95.1 FM

And I also worked on the air at WBAT 1400 AM in Marion, Indiana; WIOU 1350 AM and WZWZ 93.5 FM both in Kokomo, Indiana; W??? 98.? in Indianapolis, Indiana and WMUZ 103.5 FM in Detroit.

Earlier this month I accepted a position at Cirrus ABS in Fort Wayne, and one day I'll explain more about what that involves.

But as I wrap up the Media Monday, I want to provide you with a "hidden link" to the Summit City Radio Group of stations, that include:

WGL-AM 1250
WGL-FM 102.9
WNHT FM 96.3
WXKE FM 103.9

Just click on the pic and you'll go to the website where you can then select one or more of the 4.

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