Monday, April 11, 2011

ScLoHo's Social Media Adventure

I post regularly to 4 blogs every week, the newest one I launched this year on the subject of Social Media.

ScLoHo's Social Media Adventure is updated at noon 5 days a week, click here.

Besides blogs, Twitter is my favorite social media platform. I've done a couple of series on Twitter and here's an article that has links to most of the Twitter stories:

It started on January 1oth with a weeks worth of Introduction to Twitter:

Twitter? Get Real! Part 1

Twitter? Get Real! Part 2

Twitter? Get Real! Part 3

Twitter? Get Real! Part 4

Twitter? Get Real! Part 5

In February, I answered a few Twitter questions:

Public or Protected Account

How Often Should I Update on Twitter?

What is #FF?

And then after a few requests for my in depth information on how to use Twitter, I launched the Serious Tweep feature on March 1st:

The Serious Tweep (Part 1)

The Serious Tweep (Part 2)

The Serious Tweep (Part 3)

The Serious Tweep (Part 4)

The Serious Tweep (Part 5)

The Serious Tweep (Part 6)

The Serious Tweep (Part 7)

The Serious Tweep (Part 8)

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