Thursday, March 03, 2011

Questions to Ponder

Which is worse?

Reading something and then not using what you read to make a difference?


Not reading it at all?

I say the first option is worse, because you have wasted time.....

Here's what I read that got me thinking about those questions, (from Jim's Marketing Blog):

How to study less and achieve more than you ever thought possible

Posted: 27 Feb 2011 01:42 PM PST

I have always found it fascinating, how 2 people can read the same great book or attend the same massively valuable seminar, with completely different results.

  • The first person uses the information she discovered, in order to make the changes required for breakthrough success.
  • The second person finds the information useful, but decides to do nothing with it.

We can either be passive consumers of ideas or we can actively use what we learn, to build a better future. We can use information in order to achieve our best results ever or become an eternal gatherer of insights and guidance, which we never use.

We live in an age where there has never been greater access to business development information. Much of this is written by accomplished, respected experts – People we know we can trust. It’s there right now, just waiting to be read and acted on.

I often wonder how many struggling small business owners would be millionaires today, if they decided to act on some of the great information they gathered; rather than simply gathering more and more ideas that they never put into action.

Photo: Josep Ma. Rosell

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