Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's #IN_SM10 ?

And why should I care?

#IN_SM10 is the Hashtag on Twitter for The 2nd Annual Indiana Social Media Smackdown that is occurring this week, and you are invited to participate.

There are two ways to take part.

1st, we need you to vote. Voting ends 12 midnight, Wednesday 12/29.

If you are on Facebook then, go here and place your votes:
There is a tab titled VOTE NOW! That's where you vote.

Someone nominated me again this year in the 2nd category listed: Most INfluential Social Media Dude. Thanks to whom ever submitted my name.

I'm listed under my given name: Scott Howard

Please take a look, vote for those you feel deserve to win.

But you must vote before midnight Wednesday 12/29.

Next, you are invited to join us at Baker Street Restaurant Thursday afternoon. Most of us will be done with work for the rest of the year by then, and that's why that date and time was selected.

Last year 2 of us from Fort Wayne that were nominated and we attended the Social Media Meet Up at Scotty's Brewhouse in Indianapolis.

This time instead of asking everyone to head to Indy, there are several "satellite locations" including Fort Wayne.

Please RSVP by clicking here.

And here are the details:

Plan now to attend the 2nd Annual Indiana Social Media Summit! Seats are available on a first come first serve basis for our Fort Wayne hosting location www.Bakerstreetfortwayne.com.

Come hang out with fellow social media peeps and tweeps and find out who wins the coveted best of social media awards.

This ticket grants you access to the Fort Wayne event, which will be happening similtaniously with the other locations. We also plan to maximize the interaction by sharing video and chat with the other locations via the magic of the interwebz.

Use the hashtag #IN_SM10 on Twitter!

Contact Kevin Mullett for info about the Fort Wayne event. @kmullett on twitter

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