Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tech Tuesday Tip

Last Monday, a coworker of mine was a bit frustrated.

The screen on her laptop was not working. Nothing. It was like someone had turned the monitor off.

So she had a computer store where she and her family have bought about 5 computers over the years and she knew the owner and trusted him to tell her the truth.

The truth turned out to be the video card on her laptop was shot. Needed to be replaced. Wholesale price over $350.00. Or she could buy a newer computer for $700.00.

She opted for the new computer.

Wednesday, I'm helping her configure some of the special software we use in the radio industry and she is setting up wireless passwords etc, and she tells me that her computer guy told her that the old laptop hard drive was 95% full!

She's had the computer for 5 years and saved everything it seemed. She is fortunate that her computer guy was able to save the stuff off her old hard drive and put it own her new laptop, where it only takes up 20% of the storage due to the increased capacity.

A couple lessons to learn....

Keep an eye on how full your computer hard drive is becoming. Your computer has a built in program that will give you that info, usually click on your computer, then the drive you want to check, usually C: right click tools and go from there.

Next, don't fill up the hard drive on your computer and expect it to function its best. I'm using 52% of mine and aim to use no more than 60%.

What if you have more "stuff" and need to free up space?

I recommend an external hard drive. I bought one last year and I could back up both my computer and my wife's computer with room to spare. With the holidays coming you should be able to pick a new one up for $150 or less that will suit your needs, even if you are a pack rat.

Then, once you get the external hard drive, use it! Mine sat in a box for 6 months, before I sat down and discovered how easy it was to back up important stuff from our computers, which I now do once a month.

$150 is easier to swallow than $700 or more if you have to replace a computer and lose all your data.

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