Sunday, October 31, 2010

Car Seats, Ronald and You

Yesterday was the last day for an annual event that McDonalds does this time of year.

McDonalds is one of my radio advertising clients on WILD 96.3 and each year in September and October, we promote Child Safety Days.

In the past these have been events where the McDonalds staff dedicates time and resources to fingerprint your kids, and gather important information that you keep on hand in case one of your youngsters goes missing.

This year, thanks to the efforts of Andy Fuller of McDonalds Public Relations Agency, Villing and Company, our events were even bigger and more successful than last year in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.

WILD 96.3 was at one of the kick off events last month on South Anthony, then we were at the New Haven McDonalds October 23rd and the Lima Road McDonalds yesterday. Each of these events were only 2 hours long, at lunchtime from 11 to 1.

At each event, along with the Child ID activities going on inside, Safe Kids Allen County was there to inspect car seats and give free car seats to parents who needed them.

The first day we did 12 inspections and replaced 10 car seats.

A month later we did 28.

I don't have the number from yesterday yet, but due to people arriving at the end of the event we ran out of time, and gave those folks the contact information to set up an appointment for an inspection.

Here is the link for you to do the same. Click here.

Something I learned this past month is that car seats have an expiration date!

This is not just due to updated government guidelines forcing you to spend more money, but it is based on the expected life of a child car seat that is exposed to sunlight, hot summer temperatures, and freezing winter temps that cause deterioration of the car seats over time.

Thanks also to Carmen from SafeKids Allen County, the police officers from the New Haven P.D. and Fort Wayne P.D., the Owner/Operators, Managers and staff at the McDonalds we partnered with, and the many parents and grandparents who came out.

Oh, and Ronald McDonald was unable to join us this time due to prior commitments, maybe next year!

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