Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Working with PDF's

In my work, I need to send documents back & forth and one way to ensure the person receiving them can read them is to send a PDF.

I had this Cool Site from Kim Komando saved in my email for the past year, so I thought it was time to share it with you too:

Make changes to PDF files

PDF files are a popular way to share documents. They can be opened on virtually any machine.

But working with PDF files can be a hassle. Most of us don't have the software necessary to edit them.

Your best bet is to purchase Adobe Acrobat. But who has a few hundred dollars to drop on high-end software?

There's also a free solution: PDFVue. This free site won't give you all the options of Acrobat. But you'll be surprised by what it will do.

Read the Quick Start guide before using the program. Then upload the PDF file you'd like to change.

You can add comments or text boxes. Or, turn your PDF file into a form to be completed by others. You can also insert pictures or block out text.

When you're done, download your PDF file or share it with others. This is one site you'll want to bookmark!


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