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Run with the Bulls

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How to Ensure Your Life is a Bull Run

Posted: 18 Sep 2009 06:32 AM PDT

Stock markets are often categorized in two phases: the Bull Market phase and the Bear Market phase.

The Bull Phase is the one when the stock market goes up and reaches new highs over a period of time. There are minor falls along the way but those are termed as corrections and only lead to increased momentum.

The Bear phase is characterized by the period when the stock markets move down over a period of time. There are minor upward phases but those are termed as short rallies.

Both the phases persist over a period of time which may range from years to decades. The Bear phase ends when the fundamentals of the markets improve along with sentiments. People see growth in coming months and they invest with hopes of earning big gains in markets. A Bull phase ends when the fundamentals of the market deteriorate along with sentiments and investors see erosion in value of their investments.

Interestingly human life bears a lot of coincidence with the Bull and Bear market phase. The essence of human life is filled with ups and down that are experienced over the period of our lifetime. While these phases come and go, the important thing is that we remain aware of the amount of time out life is in a Bull phase remains or how quickly we turnaround the Bear phase.

Though it may not be possible to completely avoid the Bear phase, our perseverance, determination, and strategy for a turnaround is what helps define us; it's what makes winners. While many say that prevention is better than cure, some will argue that you only appreciate a win, or Bull market, once you've felt the loss, or strength of a Bear market.

It is the basic understanding of this concept which can help us prepare for the inevitable battle in the life. Here I will provide you with 10 strong tactics that you can employ today to ensure either a long a Bull run or a minimized Bear run.
  1. Have Rocking Goals
    Always look at the bigger picture. Goals give us direction in life and help us remain focused. If goals are big then it is always advisable to break them in small parts and accomplish a smaller portion at every chance. Once you know where you want to go, the way to reach there unfolds itself with every successful step.

  2. Be Ambitious
    Be passionate about your goals and success would follow. Be prepared to work hard and remain committed at every step. Aligning your passion with goals makes the journey much more enjoyable. Being ambitious fills in you a rocking enthusiasm that is much needed to overcome a bad phase in the journey.

  3. Invest in Yourself
    Keep learning new things every year. While experience is a very good teacher, one should also makes an extra effort to increase their scope and skill set. Learning new and diverse things never harms you because every thing in this world holds some basic connection with other. Learning is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp and focused!

  4. Healthy Lifestyle
    A healthy body holds an underlying secret of success and happiness. Never ignore your health and always strive for a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Be Responsible
    You need to be responsible towards you family, society and environment. A careless attitude won’t take you far. There are people who are part of your journey to success and you should give them utmost importance. One has never become successful in life if any part of his responsibilities has ever failed. Make partners in success, derive strength from them.

  6. Patience is the Key
    The concept of overnight wonder is a myth. It takes a lot of hard work to achieve your goals and while the journey can be long and tiring, one should be patient about it. Success may eventually come but it tends to follow those that have kept the courage and believed in themselves.

  7. Never Give Up
    This essentially is tied up with patience but with packed with abilities to rise up with every fall. This is a turning point in the Bull phase of our life which if not handled carefully can push us to bear phase. Always give yourself another chance and believe in yourself. Remember, whenever you fail, it is not you who has failed but your approach or idea. Try or take up the next idea and keep moving.

  8. Learn From Failures
    Utilize failures as a way to get valuable experience. One has learned nothing if he has not learned from his failures. Always do an introspection to get an unbiased view of what has happened and what can be done in future. Once you accept your failure and prepare for next step, the final destination inches closer to you.

  9. Remain Positive
    Nothing above will hold true if you don’t remain positive. Optimism in itself holds a magic that can help you sail through biggest difficulties of life. Being positive about ourselves, our lives, and our goals brings in us an extra power. It keeps us enthusiastic and committed to our goals. Never ever give space to negative thoughts in your mind.

  10. Celebrate Success
    Just as you book profits in stock markets, it is important to celebrate success no matter it is big or small. Get success, celebrate it, and prepare for next journey. The breaks are important to keep you fresh and energetic for next day. Keep a mark of things in your journey and get an inspiration from it.

One final point here: Ask yourself – Which Phase you are in? If you are in a Bull phase then be sure to make it strong and long lasting. If you find yourself in Bear phase then work towards a turnaround. It is very important to ask yourself tough questions in life rather than looking for answers of things you might not know.

Think Different. Think Success. Rock Life.

Written on 9/18/2009 by Amit Gupta. Amit is the author of Mystic Madness, a personal development blog related to professional life. The blog aims to develop an attitude and soft skills which are nothing but practical. The blog strives to live by its motto: Think Different. Rock Life.Photo Credit: Walter Rodriguez

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