Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fort Wayne Site-of-the-Day Extra & Explanation

So far this year I have featured over 220 Fort Wayne websites every morning on this blog. What qualifies as a Fort Wayne Site-of the-Day?

First, it needs to have a Fort Wayne connection. Either the person or business is in the Metro Fort Wayne area, or perhaps it is the Fort Wayne version of a national site like Craigslist.

Some of the sites were temporary, promoting an event.

Some of the sites were blogs, others were static corporate sites.

I have avoided Facebook pages and Myspace pages simply because so little effort is required to have one and they didn't fit my purpose for the Fort Wayne Site-of-the-Day.

Which brings up the question, What is the purpose?

This project began in 2008 when I was looking for others in the area that wrote blogs, and I wanted to promote them and create a community of local people who had ventured into this realm of social media. I thought perhaps I'd find 20 or 30 blogs, but I ended up with around 50.

Then I got bored and frustrated with the project and stopped. I was running out of material.

After a couple months hiatus, I decided to return the feature on January 1st, 2009 with a daily commitment and expanded criteria. I also promote it each day with a tweet on Twitter.

Recently I have told a couple of friends who are web designers that it could also be a good lead source for them to find websites that need updating.

Today I received a request via twitter for promotion of a Fort Wayne based site that does not fit my criteria because their main site is a MySpace page.

If you are interested in showing them how to create a non-MySpace and non-Facebook site on the web, you can contact them and offer your services. Having your own domain name adds credibility (even though there are also plenty of non-credible people who have their own sites with domain names).

This organization has put a lot of effort into their page and there are some excellent links and resources. They are very active online and in person in our community.

So without any more explanation of the "what and why" of the Fort Wayne Site-of-the-Day, here's an extra one for your browsing pleasure.

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