Monday, July 06, 2009

Fort Wayne Site-of-the-Day

Today, instead of just a picture and a link, I have a story to tell too.

Typically Sunday morning for me is spent at the Firefly Coffee House on North Anthony. They open at 8, and I'm one of the first ones through the door. Yesterday however, I stayed home until 10 and then made my way to the Firefly.

When I first sat down, I picked up a booklet "Coming into Third Place" that was sitting on the table next to me. As soon as I read the opening line, I was hooked.

Problem was is that there is no author listed. At the back is a website, or blog so I turned on my computer and navigated to the listed site and discovered that the booklet was a print-out of the website.

Still no clue to the author. Perhaps they will reveal themselves to me one day. The writing is quite insightful and I encourage you to take 10 minutes and read the blog. Click here to go there.

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