Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fitting Together & Passion

Last night my wife and I were driving from church to dinner with friends and I said to her, "Sometimes I forget that everyone doesn't go to church on Saturdays".

We started a few years ago because the church we belong to has a contemporary service at 5pm Saturdays, and now she works on Sundays so it all fits together.

Fitting together.

Last nights topic for the sermon was seek peace, not understanding. Once you seek peace, the understanding will come.

I got to thinking that I have been restless for a few years. And I know why. It's that the work that I do does not fit my entire passion. There are elements of what I do for a living that fit it, but there are also major parts of my passion that I don't get to use in my current occupation.

So, do I leave what I am currently getting paid to do to pursue my passion? Or do I do it simultaneously? How does it fit together?

Back to church for a second. Last fall, I took a class that was being offered by our church, Finding your Place in God's World. What I got out of it was to start taking action steps and God will shut doors if it's a door I shouldn't walk through. But like I used to tell one of my salesmen, you can't steer a parked car, so get moving.

This winter, we started a new class, on Discovering your Passion, a follow up to the fall class. Problem was that I know what my passion is, it was how to implement it that was keeping my stuck.

This class is being taught by one of our pastors and a counselor. (I featured his website this morning for the Fort Wayne Site of the Day). Last week after class, I told the counselor, Miles Nitz that I knew what my passion was, it was implementing it that had me stuck. He had a couple of ideas of who I should talk to, and I also talked with a couple other friends of mine who are self-employed to gain some of their advice.

In the meantime, Niles recommended me to someone to run a marketing survey and I am meeting with them next week.

Fitting together. It's different for everyone, just like everyone has their own passions.

My passion is to help businesses and organizations make smart marketing decisions. How it fits into my work life... time will tell, but the walk has begun as the steps are being taken.

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