Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boredom? What's that?

We pause to catch our breath.

My life is probably similar to yours, in that you are multi-tasking more than ever. There is no excuse to be bored with your life. There is simply too much to do, you simply need to get out and live.

I grew up as an only child encouraged by parents to try different things. I recall playing basketball, owning a unicycle, stilts, a skateboard, guitar, trumpet, and one lonely snare drum. Never tried all of them at once!

I did a lot of cycling and swimming and still enjoy bike riding which I will do a lot more of this year.

I had contemplated becoming a psychologist, lawyer, race car driver, joining the navy, and being on the radio as a disc jockey. Only one of those came true, due to a series of events that occurred during my high school days.

But when I look back at where I was ten years ago compared to today, life has changed dramatically. For the Good. (And it was not a result of any government program either!)

The changes have been self-inflicted by the choices I have made or my reaction to choices others have made. I like that freedom. Life in this country is still filled with opportunities, that's why people risk it all to come to America.

Since sometime this past winter, my wife Kathy has been planning, organizing and doing all the leg work for a timely event that went off without a hitch yesterday morning. The Spring Fling Thrift Style Fashion Show raised hundreds of dollars in ticket sales which will be added up and then divided between two local charities. Over a dozen resale shops participated; friends and family volunteered and countless man hours were devoted to the production. And except for paying for some printing, not a dime was spent on paid advertising. We received a decent schedule of ads on one of my radio stations, at least three newspaper stories and plenty of publicity due to online resources including Twitter!

Together Kathy and I have 5 kids from our first marriages, including Kathy's son Ian, father of two that lives in town, Rachael, my oldest who also lives in town. My son Josh graduates in June from school in Maine and has had a full life already at his young age of 24. My youngest daughter Tiffany and her husband moved west about 6 months ago and are exploring their dreams while paying the bills and Abby seems to float between Fort Wayne and Purdue where she is wrapping up her sophomore year before heading off for a paid internship this summer.

I cherish our family and try and tell them how much they mean to me, even when I'm distracted by my work and other activities.

For the past 6 years, I have worked out of an office on Lower Huntington Road for a group of radio stations known collectively as Summit City Radio. My primary responsibilities are related to advertising, which is how we generate our operating funds. It's a simple concept, businesses need to invite our listeners to become their customers and they pay us to air commercials.

The details are a bit more complicated and my approach is much more complete when it comes to working with a businesses overall marketing. Plus I have managed, lead, mentored, taught, developed and directed our sales teams over the years. Add to that on-air hosting and co-hosting of talk shows, and commercial writing and production, there is very little that I haven't done in the radio business.

In order to fulfill my desires to help others with their marketing, I serve on a couple of marketing committees for Scouting, Lions, a financial services firm and am on the Board for our local Advertising Federation. I have discovered that I am among the "Leading Edge" locally when it comes to the use of the web and social media even among those that should be plugged in.

This website along with the 4 others I keep updated are attracting well over 3000 new visitors each month without spending a dime to promote them. (Total cost is under $100 a year). Time & energy are my only investment.

So if you are bored, take responsibility for yourself. There really is something to do, someone to meet, someone to help, some way to escape from "boredom" to "fulfilment."

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