Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Truth about Gas Prices

Well, at least a personal observation.

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008.

After taking my son Josh to Midway Airport in Chicago, I noticed a big increase in the price for a gallon of gas.

At a couple of gas stations near the airport regular was $4.39! A few miles down the road on Cicero Avenue, it was just $3.96! Is there a price fixing scheme around Midway?

For all those folks that rent cars and need to refuel before returning them, if you wait until you are by the airport, you'll spend an extra 40 cents per gallon.

So I started jotting down prices as I took the scenic route home from Chicago.

Midway Airport $4.39
Evergreen Park $3.96
Calumet City $4.09

Then crossing over from Illinois into Indiana, a big drop:

Hammond $3.85
Gary $3.73
Michigan City 3.72

Then a short trip into Michigan:

New Buffalo $3.79

Then back to Indiana and more price drops:

New Carlisle $3.68
Middlebury $3.66

And my last stop at Meijer's on Lima road in Fort Wayne where they were lowering the price 5 cents to $3.63.

Round trip I drove 300 miles @ 26 m.p.g.

Tossing out the Midway Airport price, we have a range of 46 cents within 150 miles. For me that's a difference of 5 bucks.

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