Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old vs. New Media

My original intent for Name this Local Website, was to find some of the interesting Fort Wayne Blogs and promote them.

I thought I'd have about 25. Now I'm shooting towards 100. I'm finding them from the links on blogs I've already found and then there are a couple of other methods I'll share one day.

However when I returned from a late lunch today, I found the following article from the "old media" talking about the "new media":

Old media under attack by bloggers and their ilk
Thursday, August 28, 2008

DENVER -- At the entrance of "The Big Tent" -- a refuge for bloggers a short walk from the Pepsi Center -- there's a signup sheet for visitors from newspapers and television and others of their ilk.

"Traditional Media," it says.

It's a subtle putdown, but illustrative of a larger truth: the "new media" -- the Internet journalists, the V-loggers, the satellite radio hosts -- are on the ascent at this convention. They're the ones with the swagger, the ones with the coolest parties and the wonkiest panel discussions.

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